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Flush Mounted

Fkush Mount Lifting Cleat

Lifting Cleat Dimensions

Cleat Priofile

  • All Stainless steel parts; the cleat and base are 316 ss. the sling is a solid casting for increased strength.
  • Parts may be purchased separately.
  • A cut-out template is supplied.
  • PLEASE SPECIFY ROD LENGTH WHEN ORDERING. Standard length is 12 inches-longer rod is available.

The ultimate load strength in the vertical lifting direction is 10,000 pounds.
The ultimate load strength in the side loading direction is 10,000 pounds, Test results available upon request.

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Product # Description
203-6CA Complete lift cleat assembly
203-6CB Cleat with base
203-6R Rod for 203-6CB(specify length if longer than 12 inches)
Opposite thread on each end
203-S Sling (casting)
203-CBL Cross bar for sling
203-BE Bow eye
For slightly off center installations, see our Lift Pivot button

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