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KeepAlive  accessories and fittings are glass reinforced polypropylene to withstand the rigors of vibrations and salt water abuse.

Using KeepAlive quality components will ensure a quality livewell installation.

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KA102 Water Strainer w/SS 20 s/s mesh 
KA102-1 Large Water Strainer w/20 s/s mesh

check valve

Check Valve with 3/4" hose barbs
1 1/2
drain 1 1/2" Drain with bait guard
KA109-3/4 drain 3/4" Drain. Same as KA109, but with 3/4" barb
KA113  directional discharge 3/4" Directional Discharge
KA113A directional discharge 1 1/8" Directional Discharge
KA133 Copper and stainless steel Marine Grade Battery Clips. Sold in pairs only.
KA300 air control Air Control Center for permanent installations in tanks, coolers, and livewells
KA305   2 pak Spare filters for portable units
KA308 Large Tank Filter. Fits around Hold Down Plate in all tanks.  Recommend that the companion KA307 filter be used with the KA308.
KA309 Stainless Steel Mesh Strainer. Used with KA700RK and KA1100RK Recirculating Kits. Can also be used with all transom mounted livewell pumps. 3/4 NPS threads.
KA307 Large foam filters. Will last many hours before rinsing.
KA310 tank lid Tank lid for KeepAlive Tanks
KA312 13"  New "D" Tank lid for KeepAlive Tanks.

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