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Recirculating Kit For Your Bait Tank

Like All KeepAlive Infusors, This model produces millions of gentle micro-fine bubbles for fresh or salt water.

recirculating kit

Complete Kits

Our KeepAlive TM Recirculating Kits KA700RK and K1100RK  are the ideal systems for keeping bait and catch alive when trailering home, to another fishing site, or to the tournament weigh-in station. 

They dramatically increases the ability of your present system to sustain a greater number of fish. 

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The KeepAlive TMRecirculating Kits can be used as a back-up system when entering foul water by turning off the primary system and leaving the
KeepAliveTM system running.

The KeepAlive TM
Recirculating Kit includes: 
  • Pump with patented KeepAlive TMprocessor. 
  • Air Control Center. 
  • Steel Mesh Strainer. 
  • KA113-90 3/4" or KA113A 1 1/8" Directional Discharge. (everything except the hose.)
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KA 700-RK
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Some aeration systems work under ideal conditions - KeepAlive works under all conditions - GUARANTEED!!!

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