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Introducing the rod-holder

Small, compact rod holder from Florida Backcountry has multiple applications for all anglers!

rod in mouth

We all have seen those horrible pictures of a proud angler showing off his prize catch and the tackle he caught it on, wearing a fly rod in his mouth rather than a big smile. Lets face it, handling a prize game fish for release, or trying to record it in a photograph with tackle in hand sometimes demands the skill of a juggler with three hands while your expensive gear is taking a soaking in the salt or bouncing off the rocks in a trout stream.

The acts as a third hand holding your rod securely, out of harms way, while you release your catch, change fly's or pose for that priceless photo of your catch and the tackle used to capture rod holder


The is a valuable accessory in all angling applications. It can be worn around the waist, holding your outfit for battle as you stand watch on the casting deck in search of giant tarpon. It can be pinned to your favorite fishing shirt, vest or jacket. It even can allow you to carry an extra rod. It can be worn under your arm out of the way, much like a shoulder holster. It can be ringed to your fly fishing lanyard as you wade belt rod holderyour special stream.

 shoulder rod holder

rod holder  fly rod holder

Its compact design is made of durable yet lightweight ABS plastic, backed by a Lifetime Guarantee and comes complete with webbed belt side release buckle.

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