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Florida Backcountry introduces

New side mounted push pole holder offers many advantages over other type holders!

tower mate shorty          

TMS Shorty           

Stowing your push pole when fish are spotted on the flats, and not spooking them, has never been an easy operation until now. When using the Towermate push pole holding system, developed by Florida Backcountry, your ability to easily stow your push pole silently and STAY IN FISH is maximized!

. Silent entry

The system is secured out of the way on the SIDE or skirt of your poling platform. Made of durable ABS plastic and it's patented design holds push poles securely and quietly, allowing you to stay in fish longer.

.. Safety on the Poling Tower

Towermate is mounted on the SIDE of your poling platform, rather than on top offering a safety advantage over other top mounted push pole holders. Side mounting keeps your platform clear of protruding obstacles, minimizing the possibility of tripping over top mounted holders and causing injury from a fall, especially on the higher towers being offered on today's new flats skiffs. Side mounting also reduces the amount of vertical clearance needed to back your skiff into your garage which is of monumental importance when only a few inches keep you from being able to do so.

Towermate System 2 model TMS "Shorty"

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