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Catfish Punch Baits

Punch bait is nasty, stinky and thick. It is usually made of cheese, blood and other ingredients to attract catfish. It will also include ingredients to make the bait stick or cling to the hook. It is called punch bait because they are normally used with a treble hook so you can punch the hook into the bait with a stick. The bait will cling to the hook, then pull the hook out of the bait by the line so you do not get the foul bait on your hands

Jandell's GFB-10 Punch Bait and Cheese Punch Bait

This recipe has been proven over and over by guides and professional catfishermen. Jandell's is a catfish 2very effective punch bait that will stay on the hook even in rough water.  This punch bait is used by many of the most successful catfish guides in north Texas. Try it we are sure you will agree with the pros. 

Punch Bait




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