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Safety Gear For Your Boat
Echomaster Radar Reflector


Every boat needs a radar reflector. It helps ships see you in low-visibility conditions.

The EchoMaster comes in a plastic case and folds flat for easy storage and is made of stamped aluminum sheets with locking corner rivets. Echomaster radar reflectors return the same signal as reflectors costing hundreds of dollars more.

The Standard EchoMaster can be assembled around a backstay or wire rigging. Mounting holes in corner latches make sturdy attachment points for suspending from a bridle. Non-anodized marine grade aluminum plates.

Model DAV 152

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Davis Emergency Radar Reflector

Emergency Radar Reflector

Every small boat needs a radar reflector.

The Davis Emergency Radar Reflector is a compact, lightweight and economical unit that disassembles and stows flat for storage.

When needed, it pops open to 11.5" diameter (29cm) and installs in seconds. Its three perpendicular planes reflect radar from all directions.

Made of special plastic-metal foil laminate. Resists corrosion and peeling.

Mod DAV 151

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Distress Flag

USCG Approved Orange Distress Flag

Heavy-duty vinyl construction that measures 3 square feet. Comes complete with 4-12" nylon ties for easy display. Packed in a resealable storage bag. Meets NY and OH requirements. USCG approved.

Item # OLI 925

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Manual Fog Horn

Manual Fog Horn

Fog Horn is aluminum with white baked enamel finish and nylon mouthpiece. Conforms to A.B.Y.C. Standard A-23 and USCG Navigation Rules International & Inland (72 COLREGS) for use on vessels under 5 Meters (16.4’). Not as loud as air horns, but this horn will never run out of gas! A great backup horn, if you do need a noise signal and your air horn runs out, you'll have this manual horn. Dimensions: 12.5” Long; Weight 6oz.

Item #PKO 0162DP0WHT

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