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Safety Gear - Personal

Tornado Safety Whistle

Tornado 2000 Safety Whistle

  • SOLAS approved.
  • Pealess design.
  • High frequency travels further

Item # OLI 553

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Safety Whistle - 2 Pack

SOLAS Approved, durable, weather resistant plastic construction delivers a loud, shrill signal (116 db at 1 meter). The perfect device to attach all your PFDs. Includes hanging lanyard.

Item # OLI 976

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Parsonal Marker Light

PML (Personnel Marker Light)

  • Easily attaches to clothing or life vest.
  • USCG approved.
  • Bright green light.
  • Illuminates for up to 8 hours.

Item # OLI 927 as shown
Item # OLI 923 lightstick only-2 green
Item # OLI924 Lightstick only-2 green, 1 red, 1 white

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Dye Marker

Dye Marker- 2 Pack

Perfect addition to your signal kit and also as an individual signal that can be affixed to PFD's and used on PWC's. Contains two 1oz containers. Environmentally safe, covers up to 50 square feet.

Item # OLI 984

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signal mirror

Marine Signal Mirror

High quality durable construction will not corrode due to the effects of salt water. Includes view finder and lanyard. Visibility is 10 miles.

Item # OLI 916

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Safety Blaster Horn

Safety Blaster Horn

This horn exceeds USCG regulations and produces 120 decibels of sound that can be heard over a mile away. It is environmentally safe, no freon is required. Includes heavy duty 24" lanyard.

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