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Misting Systems Cooling for your boat
Boat Misting System


Drop the temperature on your boat by as much as 30 degrees instantly.

Easy to install, easy to use.

Finally a way to make your day in the sun much more pleasant!!!
Use as a Quick and Easy Boating Accessory attachment OR Have it Hard Lined in with a permanent water/power source.

Misting system

System Comes Assembled and Includes the following:

  • Pressurized Pump w/ Mounting Bracket
  • Pre & Post 10 inch Inline Sediment Filters
  • 5 Misting Nozzles with Quick Connect T-connectors
  • 5 Bimini Misting Line Clips
  • 3 Black Misting Line Vynl straps
  • 25 ft Black 1/4 inch thin Misting Line
  • 7 ft Red 1/4 inch Inlet Tubing with weighted anchor & 60 Mesh Pre-Screen for Pre-filtering Larger Debree
  • ONE 12v Power Plug

  • Our Boat Misting System uses a one of a kind pump that delivers 150psi, draws only ONE amp, and regulates water flow as low as one gallon per hour.
  • The 1/4” small Misting Line has quick connect Tee Connectors & Nozzles which makes it EASY for dis-assembly or adjustment. To undo connection: Simply push in tubing to connector, hold connection, and pull line to release.
  • We Have THREE easy options for a water source.

1 – Quick and easy Use Clear Lakewater from a stationary postion so theres no need to worry about running out of water.
2 – Choose one of our new water containers to put on-board.
3 – Use our Onboard Water Source connectors to tap into onboard water source.

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