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Jabsco "Porta-Quik" Oil Changer Kit

Bronze body 12V DC reversible motor with integral switch. 14 Qt. plastic container 8 ft. power cord & alligator clips. 4' neoprene suction hose with 40" dip stick probe. Porta-Quik Oil Changer

Removes oil and sludge through the dipstick tube. Reversible pump allows the container to be emptied neatly by reversing the flow direction and pumping the container dry. A retractable pouring spout is also provided if it is not desirable to use the pump for emptying. Clamp power cord alligator clips to 12V DC battery terminals. Insert suction probe into dip stick until it bottoms. The motor pump unit drains the crankcase into the 14 quart holding container.

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