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Road Warrior Trailer Protectant
Road Warrior Trailer Protectant Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection is a "state of the art" aqueous polymeric copolymer emulsion that develops into a unique breathable protective skin. Somewhat like a "liquid" shrink wrap” packaging material.
Providing finished surfaces with a temporary protective barrier to reduce nicks, scratches, and abrasions as well as a safeguard against environmental hazards.
Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection turns from a "milky" white liquid at application to a clear tough flexible vinyl film when dry. Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection is approximately 51% solids, is medium in viscosity, and is applied as received with no thinning required. Prior to application, gently stir, never aggressively agitate or shake.
Prior to coating application, surfaces should be clean and dry and at ambient room temperatures. Applications should be made at ambient temperatures above 65F. Pour liquid coating into paint roller pan. Use a "ROLLERLite"* paint roller, included with purchase , thoroughly cover roller with a thick coating of Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection. Film thickness is important to the proper performance of the peelable coating. Recommended film build is from 6 to 8 mils wet (150 to 200 microns). Apply paint roller to surface using even strokes. Make sure to cover area completely to avoid creating thin spots (less than 2 mils or 50 microns). Apply two even coats. Wait until the first coat has turned clear before application of second coatings. Coverage at this application rate will yield approximately 250 sq. ft. per U.S. gallon (3.78 liters).
Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection must be protected from freezing. Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection is provided in quart, one-gallon, five gallon, 55 gallon drums (around 200 liters).
Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection Technical Data
  • Weight Solids 51% +/- 1%
  • Volume of Solids at Applied Viscosity 50% +/- 1%
  • Applied Viscosity 63 to 65 K.U.
  • Weight per Gallon (PH=8.0) 9.01 lbs. +/- 1%
  • V.O.C. 0.00 lbs./gal
  • Recommended Wet Film Thickness 6-8 mils wet (3-4 dry)

    The Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection coating will air dry in 30 minutes to one hour in ambient temperature conditions. To meet time constraints of assembly line processes and before direct exposure to the environment, it is important to fully cure the Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection coating. IR medium wave length oven technology is recommended (2.2 to 3.2 micron wave length). Oven capacity should provide a peak surface temperature in a range from 125šF to 150šF. Exposure to IR oven temperatures of 150šF for 90 to 120 seconds is usually enough time to start the curing process.

    Allow coating time to cool and stabilize to room temperatures before exposure to the environment. If paint repair is necessary, the Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection film will easily withstand repair oven temperatures.

    When exposed to the environment, Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection’s ability to endure in all kinds of weather conditions is very unique. When subjected to water, Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection will develop a milky white appearance and become clear again when dry. It is the nature of the coating to remain pliable at temperatures below freezing and resilient at temperatures above 100šF. These characteristics allow the surface to be fully protected over extended periods of exposure.

    The Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection contains neither silicone or chlorine compounds and has zero VOC’s. The Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection dry film has been environmentally tested according to EPA Regulations and Guidelines. The cured film remains biodegradable and may also be recycled back into the plastics industry. Under current waste disposal regulations the Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection Protective Coating is classified as a Class II Non-Hazardous Industrial waste and may be disposed of in accordance with local and state waste disposal regulations.

    Coating Removal:
  • Small coating applications may be easily removed by peeling the coating off by hand.
  • For large vehicles: place vehicle in wash bay area and wet coating down thoroughly.
  • Coating removes easily at a temperature range of 60šF to 90šF. Do not try and remove coating when HOT or outside in the sun. The coating will remove easily when cool and wet.
  • Peel film off by hand OR use cold or warm pressure water from a garden hose or standard manual car wash system. Never use HOT water.
  • It is efficient to combine the peeling of the film with one hand while directing the pressure water with the other.

    Note: Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection in its liquid state is not compatible with solvents. Make sure to thoroughly clean equipment with soap and water prior to use.

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