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Maxwell Freedom Windlass

Maxwell Freedom Windlass


  • Maxwell's revolutionary design automatically feeds anchor rode into and out of the anchor locker allowing effortless handling of rope, chain or rope/chain rodes.
  • Sleek, captive on deck design for smooth, snag free operation.
  • Maxwell’s unique performance plate (supplied with winch), in combination with the use of 8 plait nylon rope, will ensure trouble free performance.
  • High speed, jam free retrieval of rope and chain from remote control stations.
  • Dual direction, power up and down operation.
  • Cone type clutch/brake mechanism permits manual "free fall" anchoring. Cone clutches, unlike dog clutches, provide smooth disengagement, ensuring safe operator control.
  • Simplified two piece installation without disassembly of windlass.
  • Alternative gearbox/motor positions accommodate virtually all installation situations.
  • Manual override using the emergency crank handle provided.
  • Marine-grade, hard anodised alloy housing finished in metallic charcoal.
  • Full disassembly capability of top works utilising handle provided and a screwdriver - no special tools required.
  • Heavy duty, dual direction motor, designed for marine winches, isolated ground type, with durable class F insulation. Easily removed for servicing.
  • Sealed oil bath and marine-grade anodised alloy gearbox provides high efficiency output drive via precision worm and wormwheel.
  • Trouble free transition from rope to chain by means of an innovative pressure arm system within a safer enclosed design.

Important: Maxwell windlasses must be used in conjunction with a chain stopper or snubbing device to take the load off the windlass while laying at anchor. The chain stopper and alternative snubbing system can also be used to secure the anchor in the fully raised position while under way.

Freedom Windlasses are in 12 or 24 volt DC.

We recommend that you purchase the line and chain at the same time as the windlass and that you do not depend on your old line and chain to fit the new Maxwell gypsy.


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Model RC500 RC800
Maximum Pull 227kg 364kg
  500 lbs 800 lbs
Chain Short Link 6mm/7mm 8mm
or 1/4" 5/16"
Rope Size (Nylon) (8 plait recommended) 12mm 14mm
(3 strand or 8 plait) 1/2" 5/8"
Chain Speed (Normal Working) 19m/min 33m/min
  62ft/min 108ft/min
Rope Speed (Normal Working) 14m/min 21m/min
  45ft/min 69ft/min
Power Supply (DC) 12 or 24V 12 or 24V
Motor (Watts) 600w 1000w
Net Weight 12.5kg 16.5kg
  27.5 lbs 36.3 lbs
* refer to owners manual for rope size variations.


(click here for large drawing)Freedom Windlass Dimensions


Model RC500 RC800
A 207mm 207mm
  8 3/16" 8 3/16"
B1 79mm 79mm
  3 1/8" 3 1/8"
B2 (With capstan) 145mm 145mm
  5 3/4" 5 3/4"
C 168mm 168mm
  6 11/16" 6 11/16"
D 193mm 215mm
  7 9/16" 8 7/16"
E 364mm 396mm
  14 3/8" 15 5/8"
F 240mm 272mm
  9 7/16" 10 3/4"
G (Std deck clearance) 65mm 65mm
  2 1/2" 2 1/2"
G (extra deck clearance) 165mm 165mm
  6 1/2" 6 1/2"




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